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We are here to support families/whānau that care for someone with a mental illness or addiction.  Our aim is to give families the strength and skills they need for a better life experience at home, in the community and at work.


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 Oamaru Fieldworker

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  • Empowered by hope
  • Transformed by acceptance
  • Strengthened by community connections



  • Supporting families/whānau affected by mental illness, addiction and suicide



  • Family/whānau and community connectedness is at the heart of everything we do, with the colleagues and clients
  • We strive for excellence, always listening, learning and improving how we deliver a quality, culturally appropriate service
  • We build on each person's strengths, walk alongside them to support their sense of self respect, belonging and meaningful community contribution
  • We are transparent and accountable to all our stakeholders


What we do


able helps families and whānau, including children and young people, of those with a mental illness or addiction to develop strategies for coping with the impact of mental illness on their lives.  able also helps develop family based support networks.


able provides a supporting voice for families and whānau, including children and young people, of those with a mental illness, when dealing with service providers, policy-makers, the health system or wherever a strong voice is needed.


able provides information, education and training about mental illness or addiction to families/whānau and carers of people with a mental illness or addiction.

connectable - through Focus Clubhouse and Central Otago Activities Centre

able is dedicated to helping people with a mental illness or addiction to develop the skills and confidence they need to connect socially and contribute to their communities.

workable - through the Vocational Services

able programmes assist people with mental illness in setting employment goals, developing work skills, finding employment and keeping it.


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