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Does someone you care about experience mental health issues or an addiction?



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able's aim is to provide effective interventions for families/whānau dealing with mental illness and addiction.


able understand the impact that mental illness and/or addiction can have on the family.  able recognize the need for family members to feel supported and well-resourced to cope effectively with the demands placed upon them.


able provide resources and information that may help you and the wider community better understand mental illness or addiction.  able also provide education on different types of mental illness with a key role of assisting family/whānau with problem solving and coping strategies.


able works with you to support your family or whānau member with a mental illness or addiction. We’re here to listen, offer hope and encouragement, help you develop strategies for dealing with difficulties, and to create support networks so you and your family or whānau can cope with the impact of mental illness or addiction.


able acknowledges the importance of the family voice and will support you to feel empowered to ensure that your concerns and your opinions are heard. able can provide practical support in your contact with other service providers if needed.


For assistance do not hesitate to contact us


Able referral form - click here for Downloadable PDF


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