Able - Different name, same support for families ...

Four current organisations supporting families in mental illness in Southland, Central, Waitaki and Otago have joined forces and created a new organisation call able.

able is focused on bringing people together. We think that by doing this, we will be better able to provide equitable and appropriate services across the whole region with prospects for enhanced services and new activities. At the heart of able's work is the support of people that care for someone with a mental illness or addiction. Our aim is to give families the strength and skills they need for minimising the impact mental illness or addiction has on their lives. This also assists those living with mental illness, to lead satisfying and meaningful lives at home, in the community and the workplace. 

We may have a new name, but it is work as usual for the support staff throughout the region continuing to help those working through the uncertain and often challenging times of supporting someone affected by mental illness or addiction.