Covid-19 Resources for Alert Level 3

Covid19 Resourceable

Friday 1 May 2020

Resources for Alert Level 3 - What has changed

Invercargill Eats is our new Habitat for Humanity online business for food ordering and delivery plus click and collect.  A locally developed charity to help businesses get going again, employing local people with funds raised staying in Southland to benefit our people. 


My Little Local is a great app for everything local in Dunedin and Balclutha and Covid-19, including where and how to support local businesses. 


Open Waitaki is a temporary place to find out what businesses are open in the Waitaki region


What you can and can’t do in Covid-19 alert level three: 60 questions, answered


Guidance at Alert Level 3 for people at risk of severe illness because of age and/or existing and underlying health conditions


Civil Defence Emergency management Factsheet for guidance on what they can help with during Covid-19


Alert Level 3 frequently asked questions


Unite against COVID-19 update – 30 April 2020 – Information on health and wellbeing; business; transport and travel; lifelines; education; community support; law and order; key contacts and sources of information.


Updated information from the Local Councils on changes to services now available









If you are connected to facebook these are some good local pages to check out: