Able is pleased to welcome Sarah Dowie as their new Chief Executive.

A letter from Sarah...

I am delighted to write to introduce myself and say I have the pleasure of leading the passionate and talented team at Able Charitable Trust. I hope to meet you in person soon, if we haven’t already met in a previous life!

My professional background is in the law and science. I worked and practiced in commercial, family and environmental law, and managed teams at the Department of Conservation. I represented the people of Invercargill as their local Member of Parliament from 2014-2020 and then founded a consultancy business in government relations and market research. It is now my honour and privilege to hold the position of Chief Executive at Able.

For me, Able ‘ticks all the boxes’. An organisation with a dedicated team to help families and whanau to build resilience is vital to our community. My goal is to continue to support our people to work to the best of their abilities so these families have the tools to navigate challenges and minimise harm.

One of the main roles of a Member of Parliament is constituency work, which is particularly rewarding. I have worked on very challenging cases dealing with issues ranging from child and justice matters to ACC and New Zealand’s health sector.

I believe this experience, along with my political lobbying skills, will enable me to advocate on behalf of Kiwis affected by mental health issues. I know you are extremely passionate about this also and I look forward to working alongside you and collaborating to achieve success for Able and our clients.

I look forward to meeting you soon and learning from your experiences.