WearABLE Art Extravaganza

Able Southern Family Support, Southland Branch, welcomed the Day Activity Centres from Invercargill and Gore, as well as clients, and friends, to a Wearable Arts Day at Community House in Invercargill.

WearABLEThree months ago, one of Sandra’s clients asked her if we would be able to put on a wearable arts show and include the Day Activity Centres.  This idea blossomed, and on Wednesday, 25 July, it all came together with 12 entrants modelling garments.  It was also decided to have a mid-winter Christmas lunch, with Able providing some and guests bringing potluck.

Karen, General Manager of Able, welcomed everyone and said a karakia.  Everyone had lunch and mingled with each other. 

Sandra, Able Southland Support Worker, spoke a few words stating that the day was to be a fun day celebrating artistic creativity, sharing of food, sharing knowledge, sharing ideas, sharing skills, and bringing anticipation and enjoyment to everyone as we celebrate the links that connect family/whanau, and community.

The idea was to achieve the promotion of the work that Able does in supporting families, and the work of the Day Activity Centres and the role they play in supporting the consumers.

It was an enjoyable day; the atmosphere was electric, with 60-80 attending.

There were three entries from Kew on 2, Invercargill. They were, ` An Act of Clowns’.  Their names were Poodles, Doodles and Splat.

There were two entries from Rata House, Invercargill.  They were, `Jar of Strawberry Jam’, and `Birds and the Bees’.

There was one entry from Welcome Inn, Gore, `Excess Baggage’.

There were six entries from Able.

First prize went to Able; second prize to Welcome Inn and third prize went to Able. 

They were all winners on the day.

Entertainment was provided by the Able Ukulele Group (Clients and Staff), a piano accordion, a poetry recital and two naughty Santas. Able staff performed a song, written by Anne, adapted by Sandra and chords by Lisa.


For more of the awesome outfits see our facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/www.able.org.nz/