Employment Services

Employment Services offer people with a mental illness personalised on-going support to assist you on your journey towards employment and independence. Our team will help you find ways to have a meaningful connection with people in the wider community, to become work ready and to stay in employment.


To read Able's Employment Support Practice Guidelines ... click here

Are you eligible for employment support?

You may be eligible for this free service if you have a mental illness that prevents you from:

  • obtaining employment; or
  • staying in employment; or
  • interacting with the wider community.


Support we offer:

  • When someone is living with a mental illness, Employment Services provide a community-based service for them to develop the confidence and skills needed to find jobs. We are here to help you set your own vocational goals, identify barriers and develop plans to achieve goals.


  • Employment Services can help you return to the workforce when you are ready. We also help those currently in work through advocacy, ongoing training and assistance with retaining employment.


We work closely with many social agencies to give you the best advice.


If you need help, we're here and we're flexible - contact

Able - A Better Life Experience

Ph: 03 455 1873

2-4 Calder Street, St Kilda, Dunedin



Integrity - honest, open and transparent in all our dealings

Diversity - recognising differences between people and acknowledging these differences are a valued asset

Respect - treating everyone with care and consideration

Excellence - to be the best vocational service we can be

Hope - the belief and aspiration that you can have a better life experience


Focus Vocational Services Newsletter - March 2017


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