Supporting Parents Healthy Children

The SPHC Coordinator will work across the Southern DHB area assisting all mental health and addiction services, adult and children services from the secondary and primary (community) sectors that engage with family/whānau to meet the guidelines.

The focus and priorities are the needs pf the children of parents with mental health and/or addiction issues.

The aim of the role is to support and promote positive family relationships and the social and emotional development of all children.

The coordinator will also assist to strengthen family/whānau centered "best practice" at the personal, service practice and organisational levels.

This will include identifying and supporting the professional development of the workforce to recognise and respond to the needs of the children and their family/whānau.

The SPHC Coordinator will also assist the MHAID Service and the Supporting Parents Healthy Children Advisory and Working Group.


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The wellbeing of children is everyone's responsibility


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Parenting with Mental Illness -
Pregnancy and early parenthood
 Werry Workforce

Grief and Loss
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My Mum has Schizophrenia
My Mum has Depression
My Dad has Schizophrenia
My Dad has Depression

Grief and Loss
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Bipolar Resource

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Services who provide support to family/whanau of those with mental health and/or addiction challenges