Family/Whānau Support

Our support workers are experts in mental health and advocacy. They provide support to family and whānau who have a loved one affected by mental distress or addiction regardless of the triggers for this. They understand the impacts of mental distress, they take a holistic view to problem solve and build resilience in the wider whānau. They navigate systems and collaborate with Te Whatu Ora, MSD and other services so that clients are well resourced in the care of their loved one.

Family/whānau support workers also provide emotional support directly to whānau members, actively focusing on their self-care by making sure they understand their loved one's mental health issues and triggers to create awareness of risk to ensure that their physical and emotional wellbeing is safe.  

Able Minds also facilitates whānau peer support groups to inform on topical matters. These groups promote connection and create support networks between families.